Argentinian Tango by
Rob and Inez

Rob and Inez are a very well known dance couple of Argentinian Tango. Their marvellous performances are very special. They are strong but fragile, senuous, sincere and very personal. They perform with the famous Sexteto Canyengue and other Tango orchestras. They teach and give shows all over the country and in several cities in Europe. The are trained in Argentina by several great maestros like Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avenelada, Virulazo, Miguel Zotto, Pablo Veron, Gustavo Naviera, Alejandro Aguino, Maria Chiana and Vanina Bilous.

Rob and Inez are very dedicated teachers with a lot of enthousiasm and patience. In their lessons and workshops they show and learn different sides of the Argentinian Tango, from the milonguero, Salon Tango to the more excuberant Stage Tango as well as a combination of both. By means of teaching beautiful figures and improvisations within these figures and excercises, they search to improve everybodies personal dancestyle. They put a lot of emphasis on the importance of being comfortable and in balance with each other, they explain the necessity of good posture and walking with style. Rob and Inez explain the ways and secrets of leading and following and the absolute need to listen and react to the music.

Inez teaches the women how and where to do the sensuous little virulettes typical for Argentinian Tango. Aside from general remarks valuable for everybody Rob and Inez offer personal attention for each couple seperatly.

28 may 1995 --- Martin Ambaum